11 Things you never knew about The Love Boat

Come on in and discover how this iconic show The Love Boat which aired in September of 1977 and ended in 1986 changed my life. Captian Stubing, Issac, Gopher, Doc, Julie and Vicky became new additions to my family, Lol.

What’s up bloggers and bloggetts, it’s your girl you know who (Shawne) with another you know what (blog) for your reading pleasure.

11 Things you never knew about The Love Boat

Now, I’m sure your asking yourself Shawne, why the hell would you write a blog about The Love Boat. I’m sooooo glad you asked. I have to be totally honest with you this is how and where my love of cruising began.

When The Love Boat first aired I was only eight. Yes, I’m dating myself here but I can’t tell you how amazed I was to watch this show weekly. Those ships were just amazing to me. They were simply floating resorts sailing to exotic ports of call like┬áMazatlan, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta just to name a few.. Can I tell you how super sexy this sounded to me. So, I thought I would write today’s blog on my favorite thing cruising.

11 Things you never knew about The Love Boat

Fact 1: The show was inspired by Jeraldine Saunders’ 1974 book the The Love Boats. Saunders was a former cruise director and hostess.

Fact 2: The extra’s onboard actually paid to set sail. And let me tell you it wasn’t cheap. In the episode in which they went to Hong Kong some paid between $3,400-$8,500.

Fact 3: The Pacific Princess was sold in 2012 for scrap because it was to costly to renovate however 2 men died of carbon monoxide while dismantling.

Fact 4: In all 250 episodes the only 3 cast members to appear were Gavin McCloud (Captain Stubing), Bernie Kopell (Doc) and Ted Lange (Issac)

Fact 5: Some of the top fashion designers turned down the opportunity to appear on the love boat. Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein but check out why. RL said it would damage his image, GA said it was a scheduling issue and CK wouldn’t come if Halston did. Sounds like there may have been a little tension between the two.

Fact 6: And speaking of fashion designers can you believe they were paid $1000 per day just to appear. According to people magazine Lana Turner who was the 1000th guest in the 200th episode was paid $25,000. Can you say WOW!!

Fact 7: Now I can understand paying human beings for appearing but you won’t believe that a celebrity dog name Tundra the Wonder Dog earned $1000 per day to appear in “The Dog Show” espisode.

Fact 8: Gopher (Fred Grandy) gave up acting to become Iowa’s Congressman from 87-95. Would you believe his former roommate was President Eisenhower’s grandson in boarding school.

Fact 9: Doc (Bernie Kopell) named one of his son’s after his character name Adam.

Fact 10: Issac(Ted Lange) appeared in 5 different series as a bartender. The Love Boat, Charlie’s Angels, Martin, Weird Science and Love Boat: The Next Wave.


Fact 11: Dionne Warwick sang the theme song in the final season. Prior to that it was sang by Jack Jones.

Now before I sign off I must tell you that Jack Jones version is my one and only fav. You can find me playing this theme song at any given moment. When it comes on I turn the tv up on full blast and sing my heart out. This along with Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot are my cruise anthems before setting sail.

Original theme song by Jack Jones



Theme song by Dionne Warwick



Well there you have it my friends the 11 things you never knew about The Love Boat. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did could I ask a huge favor and share a comment below and it felt lead how about giving us share. It would be greatly appreciated.


Wishing you Peace, Blessings and Prosperity

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