Listening can help change the world

What’s up Bloggers and Bloggetts, it’s your girl Shawne here with another you know what for your reading pleasure.

Earlier this month I wrote a blog entitled: Why does my brown skin intimidate you?

As the world is dealing with the effects of the pandemic, we are also facing the war of Racism.

Listening can help change the world

Most of the world has seen our black men getting killed for no real reason other than somebody HATES US because of our SKIN COLOR.

I ask the same question I did in my earlier blog….WHY DOES MY BROWN SKIN INTIMIDATE YOU?

After the first blog I vowed to chronicle my journey as we deal with race in our country.

So, here is the next chapter.

Listening can help change the world

On Monday, I picked up my client ( I’m a PCA) and thought we would do what we always do and go to the store however this Monday he wanted to do something different and I was cool with that. He wanted to go the pond and just hang out for a while.

While we sat there and scrolled on our phones and chatted in between a white man walked over and said hello to my client. I was on the phone when he initially walked over however after my callĀ he introduced himself and asked how we were. He asked my client who I was and he said I was his mentor. He said mentor…what does a mentor do? We talked about that for a few and then he said how disgusted he was with everything going on in the world and asked if he could ask me a question even though as he stated his wife warned him to to ask. He said he understood the protesting but didn’t understand the rioting and looting.

I said I didn’t approved of the rioting as well but when we are not heard as a people we sometimes do things that will get peoples attention. It doesn’t solve anything but their paying attention. We went on to discuss how we could fix the problems.

Listening can help change the world

  1. One of the solutions was for white people to understand their privilege and stand with us
  2. The second solution was to put term limits on those in the congress and senate.
  3. To change the laws so that everyone is treated fairly.


I’m sure there are many more solutions to this on going problem but for now

Listening can help change the world,

In closing I would like to introduce you to my new friend Jim and my client George in the middle.



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