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Hello and Welcome again to ShawnePerryman.net? We are entreprenuers helping others live a lifestyle of abundance through various outlets to help them grow as individuals and business owners as a new way of life. We are here to motivate you and push you to become the best version of yourself by sharing ways to generate an income from the comforts of home.

The book

  • Have you ever lost someone?
  • Did you have a mirage of feelings?
  • Not sure what to do with them?

Then this book is for you. Notes to our Loved Ones: A guide to dealing with loss although short will help guide you thru your loss.

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The Book

Have you ever desired to take a cruise but had no idea where to start? Do you see those deals and then wonder why the price went from $399 to $429. Get your book today and discover how to save thousands on your next cruise.


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