The Importance Of Branding You Inc.

There are so many intrical parts to working from home it’s hard to know where to start. You join a company and your super excited to get started so you throw your link everywhere and plaster your new business all over social media everywhere and then BAMM the company goes belly up.

No one ever tells you the importance of BRANDING YOU!

What’s up Bloggers and Bloggetts, it’s your girl Shawne here with another blog for your reading pleasure.

Today, I want to share why Branding You is so important.

The Importance Of Branding You Inc.

You may ask why is this so important and I’m glad you asked but I want to share a little something with you before I answer that question.

With the demise of several companies like Wake Up Now, Verve and just recently Payza people lose not only their paychecks but themselves. There identity is connected to that company.  Now please understand this blog is not a bash on the company or any of the reps that represented them however it is a blog about the importance of BRANDING YOU.

When you brand a company meaning that’s all you post on your wall, your cover and profile pics represent your company people never get to know you and what your about so when any company disappears into the abyss sometimes it can be hard to bounce back and have people trust you again.

The Importance Of Branding You Inc.

However, when you brand YOU and use the companies as a means to generating an income people get to know you by the VALUE and seeds that you are pouring into them. You want people to Know, Like and Trust YOU. Should your company disappear into that black hole your audience won’t necessarily leave you because of the value you have provided them.

So, how do you keep your audiece engaged? VALUE

  • Build relationships….pickup the phone and actually talk to someone….yes I said pickup the phone to call not TEXT=VALUE
  • If you learn something new teach to it others=VALUE
  • Share you story let others know you’ve had some of the same struggles however you’ve found the solution=VALUE
  • Shoot a video let people see that you are a real person=VALUE
  • Do a live video and have your audience ask questions=VALUE

These are just a few examples.

What other ways do you provide value to your audience? Drop your answers in the comments.

But before I go, I have a question. Have you asked yourself why I have the word VALUE bolded and that’s because it is so important in the world of online marketing. If your goal is to build your business and get others to follow you then you have to give them something and that something is….wait for it, wait for it, you guessed it


What is VALUE? and why should we offer it.

Value is when you give your audience something they need. Maybe your offering some sort of free training on how to save videos on Facebook or maybe your sharing how to create YouTube videos. It doesn’t matter just give people what they need even if they haven’t realized they need it yet.

SO, Are you branding YOU INC or XYZ COMPANY? If your branding XYZ company then STOP!

The road to entreprenuership is not easy and you must work at it everyday but if this is the road that you’ve chosen and you believe that all things are possible then your on the right road.

Please Like, Share & Comment and let me know ways you provide value to your audience.

Wishing You Peace, Blessings and Prosperity

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