What’s new in Cancun?

What’s up bloggers and bloggetts, it’s your girl you know who with another you know what for your reading pleasure.

As a travel professional and business owner it’s my job to stay informed of all things new, updated, refurbished

and even those that close.

So, based on that I wanted to share a new resort with you.

What’s new in Cancun?

If you have children for as much as we love them, we could all use a little R and R without them.

If your anything like me I think my name is MOMMY…..Who remembers what my real name is.

Welcome to the world of Adults Only Travel….yes there are hotels that are exclusive just for US.

What’s new in Cancun?

I don’t know if your anything like me but the Caribbean is one of your favorite destinations. I enjoy staying at the best ALL INCLUSIVE hotels a island has to offer.

Who doesn’t like the idea of an ALL INCLUSIVE

Who wouldn’t love to have your hotel stay, meals and drinks included in one price.

If this is you then let me introduce you to Cancun’s newest All Inclusive Adults Only Resort.

Welcome to Grand Sens Cancun opening this November.







What’s new in Cancun


  • white sandy beaches,
  • rooftop lounges,
  • gourmet dining,
  • outstanding entertainment,
  • oceanfront infinity pools and
  • suites with private jacuzzis and plunge pools

are on your list then this is the hotel for you.

Check out a few pics.


I hope you enjoyed today’s post What’s New In Cancun?. If you want to book this destination then reach out and let Travel Is Sexy Travel Agency book your next great adventure.

Check out the video


Wishing you safe and blessed travels


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