Which Cruise Line and Ship is right for me…Part 1

What’s up bloggers and bloggetts, it’s your girl you know who (Shawne) here with another you know what (blog) for your reading pleasure.

Let me ask you a question? Have you ever wanted to take a cruise but have no idea where to start or maybe you’ve stared the process but have no idea what ship was right for you. Well have no fear Shawne is here with a guide to steer you in the right direction. Over the next few weeks I will break down the ships of Carnival Cruise Lines….Why, because they are truly FUN SHIPS.

So, grab your swimsuits, flip flops, maybe a guy’s burger and your favorite drink and let’s set sail because TRAVEL truly is SEXY.

Which Cruise Line and Ship is right for me…Part 1

Now, i’m sure you’ve heard the saying SIZE MATTERS and that is a true statement when we talk about the ships of Carnival.

Carnival breaks down their ships via different classes which simply means how many tons they register at.

So, for today’s blog we will list the different classes and the gross registered tons of the various classes but to help you truly understand what GRT means here’s the definition for you.

Gross Registered Tonnage ( GRT) is the volume of space within the hull and enclosed space above the deck of a merchant ship which are available for cargo, stores, fuel, passengers and crew. Description: Gross Registered Tonnages are actually measurements of cubic capacity.

Now, that we have that out the way let’s get down to business.

Carnival offers it’s guest 9 different classes witiin their fleet with 29 ships and counting i’m sure.

Classes and gross registered tons:

  • Fantasy (70,000 grt)
  • Triump (102,000 grt)
  • Spirit (88,500 grt)
  • Conquest (110,000 grt)
  • Splendor (113.000 grt)
  • Dream (130,000 grt)
  • Sunshine (103,000 grt)
  • Vista (135,000 grt)
  • XL (188,000 grt)

Well, there you have it my friends.

Which Cruise Line and Ship is right for me…Part 1

I hope you got a better understanding of Carnival and it’s ships.

Next week we will break down the ships and some of their features of the Fantasy Class.


Happy Sailing



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